Monday, January 30, 2012

Startled at the abundance of bargains

     The third week is coming to an end and I have learned quite a lot. What my colleagues have achieved are so amazing! How could I possibly have managed to do so many other things? Some of their blogs seem a lot more attractive than mine! And I also keep thinking of how I can implement what I learn to my teaching situation. Which tools do I really need?

     I stop for a while! Masses of information, huge numbers of sites offering me what I need and what I hadn't thought I might need. Lots of sites willing to offer me their products and services for free. They compete to amaze me and they do. Is there enough time to consume them all?

    I feel as if I am in a huge mall full of stalls of colourful products. I feel overwhelmed with the number of options. I wander around for hours and sometimes I lose track. Then tired, I withdraw. I look for the way out to clear up my mind and reorganize my work!

    I am all the more convinced that there are two ways to deal with the web. One is to discover it and another one is to use it. I need to remain critical before I become a "modified" consumer.



  1. Marina- I completely agree and understand your thoughts about being overwhelmed. Even for me who has been the instructor of the course for 6 terms now, each group adds to the ideas and tips, increasing the overwhelming feeling. Still, I know that at the end of the course people always say that they are looking forward to having a chance to explore the tools and tips at a more leisurely pace, and that they have enough to keep themselves busy and learning on their own. It will come to an end. And it wil come quickly. And I am guessing you will be very happy with how far you have traveled in that time, and all the things you have collected along the way.

    1. Yes, I know. I do appreciate what I learn and I am really glad.

      But I couldn't help writing down my reflections of the moment.