Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 14 January 2012

Week 1. My first post 

I have been in front of my computer for some time now not knowing how to start. To be honest, I created my blog yesterday but I didn't post anything.
"This is not my first blog", I thought, "but this time I feel kind of strange".  "Why?", I wondered.

After giving it some thought, I realised that the blog I had created a couple of years ago (http://blogs.sch.gr/mkollatou/ ) was a "blog" in the form but not in essence, meaning that I didn't use it to write about my views, my impressions or my worries. I used it only for professional purposes and I kept some distance. I could feel that it didn't resemble to the blogs I followed but some kind of unexplicable constraints kept me back.

So, here it is! I will start using my new blog to talk about what I learn, how I feel about what I learned, what difficulties I may have! And the fact that I have all of you, though scattered in the world being so close, experimenting like me, helps me liberate myself from the fear of being exposed.

It is so nice to meet you all and you Robert in particular for being so encouraging!


  1. Hey Marina. Congratulations, your blog is really cool. I really liked layout and your personal touch ;-).
    I really think Robert has had a great participation and he has been an essential part of this journey. I am really thankful about that.

    Take care.

    Ariel Martínez S.

  2. Thank you Ariel

    your comments are really ecouraging!