Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ariadne's thread

what I found frustrating ever since I started using the internet was that I couldn't easily find my way back. As I was wandering through the numerous paths and alleys of cyberspace, I usually stopped for a while on  an interesting site which suggested various links all potentially worth clicking on; and from one link to the other, amazed by what I discovered, I  usually lost track and subsequently the initial target. Lost and tired, I usually felt like giving up and so I did  most of the times comforting myself with the thought that I could start over the next day.
How disappointed I was every "next day" when I realized that I was not able to retrieve the sources I had found. The amateur  method of copying and pasting on a word document bits and pieces of certain articles didn't help me. I am now in the position to say that I need to hold tight Ariadne's thread and this is http://www.delicious.com to me. It doesn't "taste" delicious but it works effectively for my work like a delicious dish for the body. I have stored all the useful sites my classmates have suggested and at my own pace I will explore them when the time comes. I have already visited some and I have created some stacks of links that I'll need in the near future.

I can now travel more safely with this roadmap in hand.


  1. Hello, Marina.
    I can understand that feeling. The web is so vast, we often get lost. I don't use delicious.com or other bookmarking service apart from google's favourites, where I have them all organised in groups and folders. But even so, it can be overwhelming. This is a sign of what they call "information overload", I'm sure. I have dozens if not hundreds of sites stored and I start doubting that I will ever use them all. I suppose I'll have to go through the pile and tidy up a bit. We wish we could get hold of all the information we find important or useful, but it's simply impossible.

  2. Yes, it's a labyrinth out there. I am trying to be more focused these days and just let go of all the information that, though interesting, is not what I was really looking for in the first place. It is difficult at times. I have a Delicious account, though I prefer www.diigo.com. Then again, I often forget to bookmark.

  3. Hi, Marina
    What you comment is the same that used to happen to me while surfing the web to read or research. I used to save my bookmarks on my computer as favorites but it was just available when I was at home. Whenever I was outside I could not access my favorite sites. Then, through a teachers community I learned about delicious and it is a really handhelper when it comes to web search and saving what is really important for further reading.
    However, now I use clipmarks (http://www.clipmarks.com) it is a friendly tool in which you can save your links but also embed it with a html code in any of your sites, maybe your virtual classrooms, moodle courses, even your blogs and wikis that you share with your students. Give it a tryand let me know if it wotks for you ;)


    1. thank you Yohimar for your comments!

      I will certainly try clipmarks! thank you again!