Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012


I could never imagine that what I might learn in a course could be handy the next moment. This happened to me this week and I feel thrilled about that. To be specific, my class is doing a project this term and we needed a questionnaire for our research. The problem was that we didn't have much time to design, hand it out, collect the filled- in copies and draw the results. So I used for the first time an on-line questionnaire and this is something I learned once I set out on this course.
Second, I created a blog which seems to be friendly and I almost overcame some constraints I had about blogging.
These two things strike me as being very challenging learning experiences and very useful teaching tools. I will now start thinking about how I can use a blog for my teaching since I already know what I can do with an on-line questionnaire.

I feel really lucky I attend this course and share all these with you.

See you on-line!



  1. Marina, I like your tittle "Gains of the Week",Cheers!!All of us are gaining because it's incredible to share in an unique chain: "WebSkills Course", with teachers from different parts of the world that let's get new tools, culture, ideas, techniques,and friendship.Oh my god, Extra points in this winter Course!

  2. I agree with you! Friendship is always precious and this feeling of having people out there to share with...

    Thank you Orquidia!

  3. I am feeling the same. There is already so much friendship and positive energy in this group. I feel we will all get to know each other well by the end of this course.

  4. Dear Marina,

    I just read how you have made a questionnaire on line, please can you give me a hint or link. Because we also have a project in our school and we need to make a questionnaire. I would be so delighted if you had time to give me some help.