Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Learning styles" the focal point of the week

We are moving towards the end of this ten-week-course and my feelings are pretty mixed. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with myself as I managed to meet deadlines and complete my assignments despite the big number of responsibilities I had and  kind of relieved from the stress that this endeavor entailed and on the other hand  I feel sad that this marvellous learning experience will be over soon. I have already started missing the interesting discussions I had with my colleagues on our Nicenet classroom and the encouragement I always received from Robert, our tireless and enthusiastic professor.
The main topic of this week's discussion was "learning styles". I was not unaware of  Gardner's theory and I always took into consideration that not all students learn in the same way. However, the readings of this week and the varied technology options suggested practically helped me in specific ways. First of all, I now know of the existance of on-line tests which can be used to discover the learning style of an individual. This is pretty useful for the teacher as they can indntify their personal learning style as well as the learning styles of the students and therefore the teaching can be designed appropriately. Thanks to Luisa,  I took a test to see my personal learning style and I intend to recommend it to my colleagues and students.

As I wrote on  Nicenet after clicking on eduscapes.com and after exploring the site which is so rich, I reached "Build A Project Select a topic and brainstorm outcomes and technology-rich activities that fit all the intelligences".| Verbal-Linguistic | Logical/Mathematical | Visual/Spatial | Bodily/Kinesthetic | Musical/Rhythmic | Intrapersonal | Interpersonal | Naturalist | Existentialist | at the bottom of the home page. I found the classification very useful and practical not only as a guide to designing appropriate activities for a multiple intelligences class but also to check whether a lesson or series of lessons one has designed includes activities that address different smartnesses.

Besides, I found particularly interesting the way the different learning styles were reflected in the postings, blogs, lessons and activities, as well as preferred readings and resources of the participants in this course. It is a common belief among us that we've learned a lot but it is so obvious that we reached the knowledge from different paths and although we all had at our disposal a bank of resources, each of us took advantage mostly of those that best suited their style. However, I saw that we all tried to experiment with new things and develop as many smart aspects of our brains as possible, but the preferences were clear especially in the outcomes or the products of our stydy.

What I feel sorry about is that I didn't manage to explore everything suggested in these 9 weeks. I have promised myself to go back and without the pressure of time I will revisit our discussion topics, sites recommended, resources suggested. And after delving into each aspect of TBL discussed here I hope I'll be able to disseminate this knowledge through seminars to English Teachers in my city and other subject teachers in my school.

I feel more than just grateful for the opportunity to do this course. 


  1. Hi Marina,

    I understand the mixed feelings you're experiencing because they are exactly what I am going through as well. This course has been quite challenging and time-consuming, to be honest, because we all have to work full-time besides our other responsibilities. But then again, through out the weeks we have got to know many new friends and learned so many new things that will certainly help us become better teachers... To that end, I can't say I feel happy that the course is almost over! Perhaps I'm too greedy and just want to learn more from you all, and also, maybe I'm already used to all this as a Webskills participant!

    See you very soon in our last week, Marina.


  2. Hello Marina

    Like you I too feel although we have all learnt a great deal there's still so much that we have not been able to explore.

    This is not an end....in a way....its a beginning where we can all put to practice whatever we have learnt. And of course, as you've mentioned in your blog also share with our colleagues the ideas and insights gathered in this Webskills journey.


  3. Marinaaa!

    As you posted in my blog, hope we can get connected through social networks from now on. Find me in facebook as Yohimar Andreina and twitter as @Yohimar.

    This was a busy week but really productive too. This course have made me a better teacher and there are still too many things out there to be learned about using technology to teach English.

    Warm hugs from Venezuela,


  4. I guess we all plan to get back to all these materials later on. I have collected so may websites on delicious that I need months to go through all of them. And there are so many things I want to try with my students!
    It's been a great time!

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    Gentle like a princess
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    Thanks to be our peer (Yohimar and me).It was a honor got your invitation to work together..

    I want to open my heart to offer a warm friendship
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