Sunday, March 4, 2012

The highlights of this week's webskills experiences

This week has been the most difficult of all. I had to finish my draft project report and continue with the weekly tasks. The fact that the lessons for a Master's degree I am doing started two weeks ago in combination with the responsibilies at work which become more and more caused me to miss out on a exceptional experience to fully attend a webinar conducted by Jeff Magoto in the framework of the webskills course. However, I feel quite satisfied with what I accomplished.

Going back in time, I am trying to recall what I learned this week. A fascinating experience was that of the ANVILL virtual classroom I was acquainted with and the fact I managed to connect to the chatroom of the webinar and I, at least, exchanged a few words with the people I have been working with for eight weeks now at real time. I was so sad I was not able to attend the whole event. I would have learned so many things! However, I was impressed by the readiness of the connection. I had been given the http://tinyurl.com/uoregon-march2-webcast link and following simple and clear steps I was in, in a matter of seconds. I only had a 20- minute -break between classes at University. I had my laptop with me, I went out of the classroom to a quiet corner of the foyer and thanks to the wifi connection I immediately had access to the virtual classroom. It was amazing to hear Jeff and greet my friends. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long.

 I also created an account as a teacher and I can use the facility of  ANVILL for my classes since it is free but I didn't have the time to explore how everything works. It is a pity, Jeff won't be with us any longer so if I have questions I will need to figure everything out by myself based on tutorials.

This week I also had to create an online course site or an exercise to use online or offline. I haven't done that, yet. I feel overwhelmed, I used to do my tasks well in advance. I have something ready a wiki I created for my students last semester, but I wish to experiment on something new. I started creating a classroom assistant on Nicenet but there is no content in it, yet. I wonder, is that enough?

What I appreciated a lot this week, is my reviewing of my colleagues project reports. Apart from my hopes of proving to be of some assistance to them, I had a better insight of the value of the assessment rubrics and the importance of giving them to students well in advance. To cross-ckeck your work with the help of the given criteria safely guides a student to self-development and learning autonomy.

I will be missing all my colleagues and my tutors, Robert in particular for his exceptional work with us, when when this course ends. I wish we could continue to communicate and create a network which will design projects, exchanges, webinars and whatever else we can come up with. Maybe we could start discussing projects on a European basis with Luisa, Ricard, Natasa, Sinnika and all the other european partners and then see for funds for international collaborations.

What do you think dear friends?


  1. Hi Marina,

    Yes, time is going too fast. It seems just yesterday to me.

    I do believe that the result of this course is not marked by the final report. It will start new life-long connections between us.


  2. Marina,
    I just love that idea of yours!
    I think it would be great to continue our collaboration and I'm willing to give it a try, even if on an informal basis. Count me in!

  3. Hi Marina,
    I agree with you…this has been a week of hard work. Many goals to be achieved! Have to say you did a great job in your project. It involves many people in your school; hope you can accomplish all your objectives. I am glad to have worked with you during this week.


    1. Dear Marina and Yohimar and all friends.

      I want to cry, because it is incredible how we could open and keep a fantastic educational and huge friendship through this virtual winter course and it has been a pleasure for all competitive colleagues, our smart tutor Robert and because our tasks have offered us a box of marvelous treasures to keep with them and use in our own teaching experience in the future.I only could say:

      Thanks a lot.


  4. Dear Marina,

    I completely understand the little stress you underwent due to limited time for so many things in a week, but then again I also can't agree with you more that it really paid off in the end. This past week, I also had to go on business for 3 days during which time I couldn't do anything but concentrated on the job. I even missed the webinar, an experience that I believe was eye-opening and inspirational for tech-loving teachers like us. However, just like you, I also managed to do everything possible, and I felt really glad I could make it.

    Thanks for sharing your reflections of week 8, and see you again in week 9.


  5. Hi Marina

    This week has been a tough one for me as well. I missed the chance of participating in the Webinar. At least you could attend a part of it. And besides you have been doing so many things simultaneously.

    Anyway what counts is the sense of accomplishment you have after all the hard work we have put in.

    Yes....I too will be missing all of you....the readings...the tasks....assignments....and the deadlines...most of all.... Robert...his mails & comments.

    All the very best for your final submission.